OL Group’s Mission

The shipping and logistics industry is one that is built on trust—our customers trust us to handle their cargo, and our partners trust us to keep our word. Our goal is to be the most committed, honest, and loyal business partner to every organization who works with us. To accomplish that, we maintain a transparent and inclusive workplace, that focuses on fostering tenacity, teamwork, and personal and professional growth for every member of our team. And, of course, all while providing seamless, end-to-end logistics solutions to organizations across the entire globe.

OL isn’t just a business; we’re a group of people who are dedicated to helping the world economy move forward.  

Values in action, not just platitudes

A lot of organizations talk about concepts like integrity or diversity, but they’re just words. They sound nice and comforting, but if they’re not coupled with real action, what’s the point?

At OL, we don’t just talk about integrity or diversity, we practice them. Our chief concern with our team—and when we make advancement decisions at the leadership level—is integrity. And it’s not just because it sounds nice or it’s the right thing to do—our customers need to trust our team in this business.

In other words: OL doesn’t just want to say a few phrases that sound good; we put our money where our mouth is, and take action.

Empowering everyone
to move forward.

This is a global industry, and our team reflects that.

Our team includes people of all backgrounds and cultures—and that’s good for us and our customers.

Not only do we speak 24 languages, our team is positioned around the world, across countless different regions and cultures.

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed.

We Speak 24 Languages!

English, Russian, Spanish, Bosnian, French, Ukrainian, Cantonese, Bangla, Mandarin, Tagalog, Portuguese, Italian, Lao, Thai, Hindi, Romanian, German, Japanese, Turkish, Greek, Latin, Gujrati, Croatian, Sinhala

Females in Freight

Connecting women in the shipping and logistics industry


Did you know that women account for 74% of OL’s leadership team?

It’s true. 70% of the total OL team are women, as a matter of fact, and we’re extremely proud that we’ve managed to achieve this in a male-dominated industry.


Not only do we employ women

Our female leaders have created the Female in Freight network to connect women in this industry. This group empowers women in freight to discuss opportunities for advancement and collaborate on a wide range of issues and events affecting shipping and logistics.

Fun, freight, and more

We know this term gets tossed around a lot, but at OL, we’re a family. Our team is important to us, and we make every effort to make every event as much fun as possible. With industry-leading pay and benefits, advancement opportunities, and more, we’re always looking to grow our family. If you’re interested in joining us—whether you’re experienced or a newcomer to the industry—contact us to find out about employment opportunities.