OL International Acquires USA Operation of Transitainer Global

Nov 8, 2017 | Press Release

International logistics company expands capabilities with NVOCC with global shipping expertise

NEW YORK, November 7, 2017 – OL International Holdings LLC (OL International)
today announced the acquisition of the USA office of Transitainer Global based in Long
Beach, California. Transitainer, a specialist in the shipment of air and ocean freight to
Australia, has been a recognized leader in the trade since 1986. Transitainer brings
significant experience and capability to the OL International portfolio of logistics
services within the South Pacific and Australian markets.

Founded in 1986 by Paul Vassie in Sydney, Transitainer has earned a reputation for
delivering the highest level of service and cultivating long standing relationships with
their clients. “We are excited to partner with the OL International team and look
forward to continuing our long tradition as a leading logistics provider in the Australian
market,” said Paul Vassie President of Transitainer.

“Adding Transitainer with its outstanding services and logistics capabilities represents
a significant strategic achievement. Linking Paul and his team with the OL
International family will undoubtedly benefit all our company offices and agents in
over 140 countries,” said Alan Baer, President of OL International. “Paul built a
recognized leader in our business, and we are proud to have joined forces with
Transitainer in this competitive market.”

Shippers are encouraged to contact OL USA to learn more about our services at
+1.516.654.7200 or info@ol-usa.com.

About OL International Holdings LLC:
OL International Holdings LLC is a non-asset-based international logistics company
headquartered in Westbury, New York. Serving primarily as a Non-Vessel Operating
Common Carrier (NVOCC), the Company provides sophisticated ocean, land, and air
freight transportation, customs brokerage, and warehouse solutions. The Company
operates through a network of company offices and independent, agent-owned offices
in over 140 countries worldwide. OL International is a member of the Oceanwide
Logistics Global Network.

Connect with us online at: ol-usa.com or @ologusa on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

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