Jul 19, 2023 | Press Release

Women-led global shipping companies support the biodegradable feminine hygiene products and education initiative to empower disadvantaged women in UK, Caribbean, and Brazil. 

FELIXSTOWE, UK July 19, 2023 – OL UK and AAI Group today announced the arrival of the first shipment of LOVE feminine hygiene products for Female Dignity, a UK registered community interest company, which retails bamboo and cotton natural eco-friendly sanitary products. A banana version, to be manufactured in Female Dignity’s own facility on the small Caribbean Island of St Lucia will be available from February 2024. LOVE products will now be available for sale to the public throughout the United Kingdom on Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and at www.femaledignity.co.uk. The products will also be available in various sustainable, eco-friendly stores soon. Proceeds from sales support the free distribution of LOVE products to homeless and economically strained women in the UK, Caribbean, and Brazil.  

The first shipment arrived at Ipswich, Suffolk as the two female-led Felixstowe logistics offices celebrate one year of partnership, leveraging an integrated team to deliver end-to-end import and export services through UK ports and across Europe. Across all OL entities, women comprise 70% of employees overall, and hold 74% of managerial positions.

“Having succeeded in a traditionally male industry, we are particularly attuned to meeting the needs of women striving to advance in their careers and personal lives and know first-hand that those most basic needs are sometimes the most overlooked,” said Paula Bellamy, managing director of OL UK, OL Dubai, and OL Philippines. “Inadequate access to menstrual products is a roadblock for millions of women around the world, and we are thrilled to partner with Female Dignity to lower those barriers.”

A key factor motivating OL UK and AAI Group’s partnership is Female Dignity’s emphasis on menstrual education through the publication of Menstrupedia, an informational comic geared towards primary school girls, and supported by Waitrose & Partners.

“Education is a critical factor in eliminating the shame and taboos which leave so many women suffering in silence,” said AAI Group managing director Deone Blignaut. “It is our sincerest hope that women across the UK will join us in supporting Female Dignity’s mission.”

The project is an illustration of the interconnectedness of our modern world, allowing women to support each other in a simple, but profound way. “Female Dignity’s mission is to enable disadvantaged women to be helped by other women who make the simple choice to prioritize their sisters, create employment, and eliminate plastics and chemicals from our bodies and landfills,” said Amanda Alexander, founder of Female Dignity. “We are excited to begin sales and the corresponding distribution of LOVE menstrual products to women in need in the UK, and abroad.”

Shippers are encouraged to contact the Felixstowe office to learn more about this initiative and our services at +44 1394 783006 or sales@ol-uk.com. For more information on buying LOVE products and supporting Female Dignity, please visit femaledignity.co.uk/.

About OL International Holdings LLC:

OL International Holdings LLC is a global non-asset-based international logistics company headquartered in Westbury, New York. Offering clients seamless end-to-end service, the company blends local expertise and the latest technology to stay ahead in today’s globalized market. Serving primarily as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), the Company provides sophisticated ocean, land, and air freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and warehouse solutions. The Company operates through a network of company offices and independent, agent-owned offices in over 140 countries worldwide, many of which are part of the Oceanwide Logistics Global Network.

For more information about OL International please visit: www.ol-usa.com.

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