Dec 13, 2016 | Press Release


 “Rebranding as OL USA is the logical next step, and sends a clear message to our clients and the industry that our NVOCC businesses are fully integrated worldwide. We leverage local knowledge, global expertise, and extraordinary technology to drive efficiency and add value.” – Alan Baer

NEW YORK, December 13th, 2016 – OL International Holdings LLC (OL International) announced today that TTS Worldwide will rebrand and change its name to OL USA. This transition grants customers access to industry leading technology across all modes of sea, air, and land transportation moves worldwide.  

Effective February 1st, 2017, the transition is the latest and most symbolic development in a strategic multi-year expansion plan for OL International’s businesses. The announcement follows on the heels of the launch of OL South Africa and OL Dubai. 

The far-reaching NVOCC network now encompasses 14 regional offices and more than 210 agents worldwide, many of which are part of the Oceanwide Logistics Global Network. This integrated structure allows OL operatives to deliver seamless door-to-door service with local expertise, inspiring OL USA’s new slogan: “Local. Around the World.”  

Alan Baer will lead OL USA and OL International business units in the role of President, a continuation of his role with TTS Worldwide. Mr. Baer draws on more than 30 years of industry experience to direct corporate strategy across entities, strengthen service offerings, and drive growth.  

“In addition to our international growth, we have grown domestically this year opening new offices serving the ports of Charleston, Cleveland, and San Francisco,” said Mr. Baer. “Rebranding as OL USA is the logical next step, and sends a clear message to our clients and the industry that our NVOCC businesses are fully integrated worldwide. We leverage local knowledge, global expertise, and extraordinary technology to drive efficiency and add value.”  

The company is known for industry-leading features like Track & Trace and EDI-fed reporting directly from carriers to keep clients updated in real-time. The process of transitioning to the new name will be seamless as all systems are tested and in place prior to the kick-off date.  

The company recently launched its new website, The site details the company’s service offerings and how OL USA’s contracts with leading ocean and air freight carriers enable customers to benefit from the scale and depth of those long-standing relationships.  

Shippers are encouraged to contact the OL USA to learn more about our services at +1.516.654.7200 or info@ol-usa.comRead more at Newswire  

About OL International Holdings LLC

OL International Holdings LLC is a non-asset-based international logistics company headquartered in Westbury, New York. Serving primarily as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), the Company provides sophisticated ocean, land, and air freight transportation, customs brokerage, and warehouse solutions. The Company operates through a network of company offices and independent, agent-owned offices in over 140 countries worldwide. OL International is a member of the Oceanwide Logistics Global Network. 


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